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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 12, 2009 7:00pm-7:25pm EDT

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>> it can now cover the scent of blood. [laughter] bret: thank you for joining us. we will be back tomorrow. shepard: how bad is the budget deficit? the news is in. the health-care debate, tonight, the angry in america. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: u.s. marines now on the move. they are looking to free a town from taliban forces. >> we are on the offensive. shepard: tonight, the video you will see only on fox. >> pushing back at to the health care town halls and why the aarp
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says they are not on board yet. the issues are so important, they are about the health of our parents, children, ourselves. across america, lawmakers have been holding town hall meetings to talk about to the health-care plan. they are trying to create a health care system for uninsured americans. a lot of people are fired up on this. we put people on location in colorado, california, maryland, iowa, new jersey. we have noticed something in common at many of these meetings, it seems that with passions and tempers running so high that issues are drowned out by debate. just because people are yelling, it does not mean that they are getting their message across any more clear. >> i am here today because i believe in town hall meetings.
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shepard: this senator fielding questions and hearing accusations about the scope of the health care reform. >> how are you going to look at my children and tell them that they will have a better future with 99 trillion dollars that you give that? >> this is not health care reform or insurance reform, this is about government control. >> if you do not stop, i charge you with usurping authority not granted to you as a u.s. an senator. shepard: people showed up to talk to this senator but most of them did not talk about this. >> i am healthy, i just need health care.
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shepard: in oregon, a man tried to compare obama to hitler. >> the president is supporting genocide against the american people. >> this is an outrageous falsehood that there is anything like what you are talking about. shepard: things got rowdy at one republican town hall as well. one woman asked chuck grassley to speak out against what she called out right lies in the bills in congress. >> i see signs that say kennedy lives, a grandmother dies. i see signs with obama in white face as the joker. i see signs comparing him to a marxist. >> the bills are online and
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every american can read them. shepard: senator grassley is one of three republicans negotiating to come up with a bill that might get at least some gop support. carl cameron is live in iowa tonight. grassley is a conservative but some are angry with him. >> that's correct. there has been a number of organizations that have been coming out protesting the notion of health care reform. some of them have been focusing on charles grassley. some the organized the t parties came here today and some said to go ahead and work with democrats and we will vote you out of office. here is an example. >> i am on conservative and what we expect is for you to fight for us, we don't want this nation to be socialist. fight for us. don't give an inch.
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if you vote with this bill, we will vote you out. >> you know that elected politicians will hear that kind of noise when people think this is all about power. the first thing they don't want to lose as their own. shepard: grassley is sort of taking credit for these town halls? >> that's correct. he is on the finance committee. he says that all of the delay caused by his willingness to negotiate slowed the process down and created the august vacation town halls. shepard: he sounded kind of pessimistic. >> yes, he did. he said that he would be forced to push away from the table and he believes that the president might let the by partisanship go
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and push through the bill without any republican support. he thinks this would be the worst possible situation. he thinks that he could moderated the bill. shepard: carl cameron, thank you. the budget deficit just hit its highest level ever. 1.267 trillion dollars. this is three times higher than last year. to pay it off would cost every american more than $4,000. you have been hearing about the money that the government has been spending to fight the recession. this is evidence of those bills. one commander describes this as a potential watershed moment in our war in afghanistan. american troops launching a major assault on a town that has been under taliban control. we were on the scene. u.s. marines taking direct aim at a taliban stronghold launching the second part of
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operation eastern results. it is in the helmund province. >> by liberal in this area, we free the local populace from the taliban. shepard: a fox news crew was with the troops as they launched the first wave of attacks. >> troops have been on the ground for four hours and they say they have neutralized some of the taliban but there are others out there and they are ready for the kill. shepard: fighter jets providing cover from the air as marines took aim at the militants below. >> he is to the right of the wall. shepard: at one point, a
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cameraman got a little bit too close to the action. as fires raged across the area, the militants fired back, guns, mortars, rocket-propelled grenades. they could not stopped the convoy of american marines rolling into town. the marines say the taliban are putting up a fierce resistance. we have a reporter in the afghan capital of kabul. >> both the taliban and the u.s. want to give the appearance of being in control. just weeks ago, they lost major attacks across the country and the u.s. wants to change the perception that somehow the taliban is in control. the attack on this stronghold it is meant to send a message of
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how the u.s. is going to fight in coming days and months. >> a lot of our missions have been on the defensive. >> the plan is to take the fight to the taliban to put them back on their heels and to take back the regions of the country where they control the land and the territory. the hope is that the u.s. military can shift the momentum of this country. shepard: thank you for that report from afghanistan. now to a potential breakthrough in treating blindness. a new treatment that makes people's vision thousands of times better. can you imagine after walking around with a cane your entire life being able to leave it at home? this technique might make this possible. the details are incredible and
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shepard: now to a breakthrough that is improving blind people's vision. scientists used gene therapy on three volunteers with the idea to restore sections of the retina. a year later, their daytime site is 1000 times better. there night vision is up to 63,000 times better. i don't even know how you calculate this. this is amazing. >> scientists are calling the results remarkable. this provides great hope where there was little before for the blind people in america. the study conducted by the university of florida and the university of pennsylvania and fall of three volunteers with a rare condition that receive gene
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therapy,. within weeks, they began to show significant improvement. scientists say that the woman did exceptionally well, she was able to make out a digital clock in her parents' car when she could not see before. >> we were able to restore some function. >> it is important to note that the scientists have not cured blindness but even in adults born with extremely impaired side, the brain can rewire itself thanks to this therapy. the trials will continue for another three years and the participants have filed for 15 years. it will be expanded, they will add more people and maybe more people will have the blessing of sight. shepard: we can hope. thank you very much. there's much more on this story
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online at you can also read statements from those involved some firsts in the pandemic, for the first time in this break, the head of state has announced that he is infected with the virus. the office of the coaster rican president says that the press that has come down with h1n1. -- the office of the costa rican president. this assistant principal in new york died from h1n1 and his family is suing the new york city department that they believe is responsible for neglecting him.
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67 american soldiers have come down with h1n1. the military confirms this number. some personnel are in isolation with suspected cases of the virus. one of the world's most glamorous jewelry stores, this was the target of one of the biggest all-time jewelry heist ever. police are hot on the trail of the suspects. the amazing details of a $65 million k pcaper. more reports of pirates but this time off the coast of europe. details on the ship that disappeared with an entire crew. that is next.
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shepard: a cargo ship is missing antsy after report of a very
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rare pirate attack in european waters. -- a cargo ship is missing at sea. the missing ship is carrying a crew of 15 russians and it has been almost three weeks since this whole thing began. the ship left finland on the 23rd of july carrying almost $2 million worth of timber. in the next day, crew members reported that some armed men took over the ship. the last confirmed contact was when the ship passed through the english channel. when it was through, someone switched off the tracking device. it was supposed to arrive in algeria last week. according to the reporting of our sister network, investigators believe that the ship was heading into the atlantic since it never attempted to go towards africa.
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there are many unanswered questions including what happened during the attack three weeks ago. this is unheard of in this part of the world. >> this is unusual but it follows a line of incidents we have seen in the mediterranean where organized criminal gangs have gotten involved in piracy. there are big gains to be made. >shepard: the russian president is ordering his defense minister to find the ship. scotland yard caused this one of britain's biggest jewelry heist ever. they arrested a man in connection with the robbery of $65 million worth of loot. authorities did not believe he is one of two men that rated the jewelry store. a jewelry store with a seven figure collection. back in the year 2000, mike tyson got a bracelet for a
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combined $1.6 million. here is another personality trying on a pink diamond necklace. this is not your average jewelry store. according to scotland yard, this was not your average feist. >> the getaway after pulling off one of the most audacious robbery is in british history. these were no complacent criminals. they take a member of staff as temporary hostage and then let everyone know they mean business. with the firing of the gun, everyone realized what those inside of the studios already knew, these were dangerous men. >> we did not know was going on. there was commotion. the shop got robbed.
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>> there was no way to know that these men were violent criminals. they went through the doors and then they pulled out handguns. necklaces' worth hundreds of thousands, diamond rings and watches. 43 pieces in total worth some 40 million pounds. this is what most heavily watched streets but they were not wearing hoods or masks or anything. >> the investigators will be asking themselves the same question, why would they prepared to have their faces shown. either they were disguised wearing prosthetics or they didn't care about being recognized because they had coming to do this job and now they are out of the country. shepard: police in london saying that the suspect arrested in connection with this case has
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already been released on bond. how would you like to play tug- of-war? we will tell you what happened when some kids in florida tried it. president obama says he is trying to correct the rumors and misinformation about health care. now he's accused of getting some facts wrong of his own. we are live at the white house coming up. 2 for $20! only at applebee's. in a long line of amazing performance machines. this is the new e-coupe. this is mercedes-benz.


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